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Normal Disk
How common is intervertebral disk degeneration? Almost everyone has some disk degeneration after the age of 40, even if they don’t develop symptoms. it can eventually lead to back pain in the next following years.

An intervertebral disk may RESIST degeneration if an individual proves a consistent daily regimen of spinal and body strengthening exercises . together with a balancd diet of proteins and electrolytes to the muscles , this combination of exercise and nutrition help to promote disk RE generation and helps to resist spinal degeneration

Herniated Disk in the Spinal Column
Lumbar disk disease is caused by a change in the structure and integrity of the normal disk. As a result of frequent stress that affects the body to be compressed from too much bad posture. Most of the time, disk disease happens as a result of aging and the normal breakdown that occurs within the disk. Sometimes, severe injury can cause a normal disk to Tear or Herniate. Injury may also cause an already bulging disk and /or herniated disk to worsen. Immediate care is recommended to repair and help regenerate the disk area. It’s like putting air into a flat tire. a herniated disk is like a low tire in the car with a nail in it.

Advanced Osteoporosis
It can be extremely difficult to live with stages of 1 through 4 osteoporosis. Everyday activities are sometimes painful in these stages, and the risk of serious fractures can limit your ability to move freely or be independent. Exercise will often increase Bone mass, muscle tone, and blood circulation to the areas of bone weakness. Therefore, it is important to exercise with light intensity at first to allow blood and circulation to the areas of the bone and related joints and muscles to increase Calcium absorption. Osteoporosis/ bone loss is a condition that can be helped with Exercise and physiotherapy Rehab and weight training and positive thinking. In Stage 3 and 4 Osteoporosis a lumbar support Belt and good support sneaker shoes are recommended to help improve stability during physical activities

Disk Degeneration
Lumbar disk degeneration normally occurs with the wear and tear of lumbar intervertebral disk(s), and is mainly occurring at L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1 vertebrae. Lumbar disc degeneration may lead to disc Bulging, formation of arthritis around joints, loss of disc space, and disk compression from bad posture continuing to irritate the adjacent nerve roots. Frequent daily exercises such as using light weights from 3 to 10 pounds. Sets of 3 and 10 repetitions of lights weight training effectively opens disk compression factors and help to alleviate a lot of pain and aching symptoms.

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