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Welcome to Our Miramar Chiro Rehab Center

We opened our doors in Miramar, Florida in 1996. Since then, we have been serving an increased number of patients in the South Florida region. Our office is located in the Miramar Towne Center Plaza and provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere for our patients. We are pleased to offer the latest chiropractic techniques and up-to-date physiotherapy equipment in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We have the latest technology in physiotherapy.

Our friendly staff will treat you and your family as individuals and with respect. We are a family friendly office and are proud to be able to offer services for your entire family.

People come to us for all kinds of reasons. Do you have neck, back, or hip pain do you suffer from chronic headaches? Perhaps you have pain as a result of an accident or slip and fall injury? We are able to treat many types of chiropractic conditions and we welcome you to come in for an initial consultation if you would like to learn what we can do for you.

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Sterializing for Safety Miramar Chiropractor Office

After Each Patient We Sterialize All The Surfaces To Assure The Safety Of All Our Occupants In Our Pretigious Center, Along With Wearing Mandatory Masks As Part Of Our Procedure. Despues De Cada Uno De Nuestros Estimados Pacientes Nosotros Nos Aseguramos Que Cada Area... read more

Posture Improvement

Improving your posture has huge payoffs 👆. Habits like slouching and crossing your legs (while hard to kick), can lead to injuries and chronic pain. Call for Relief Today # 954 986... read more


IS A PRIMARY TOOL TO HELP JOINTS AND SPINAL DISKS REGENERATE. This happens through blood flow to the area stimulated by Ultrasound. Patients that receive P.T., Ultrasound save themselves from Un- needed surgeries. NON SURGERY OPTIONS TO HELP THE SPINE AND JOINT... read more

We help symptoms for GI ulcers

We help symptoms for GI ulcers especially when you are starving to eat and will revive your body with new good probiotics bacteria’s that helps to boost immunity in Gi and close ulcers. Drink aloe Vera 4 oz a day to heal it better. Eat one of these probiotic... read more

Medical News

1. Cranberry juice contains cranactin, and Grapes which contain pycnogenol, are the two fruits which have anti-biotic properties that can help to boost the immune system and help sterilize the Urinary System

2. Hot teas and soups help the body tissues heal faster and decrease body inflammations.

3. Caffeine free tea with lemon and / or honey with a pitch of  cayenne pepper can help most infections within the human body especially within the cardio and respiratory systems.

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Miramar Chiropractor Rehab Center

Phone: 954 986 4006

6890 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33023



Miramar Chiropractor Rehab Center

6890 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33023

Phone (954) 986 4006

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I visited Dr. Sagman for several visits in between June and December 2017. The Doctor treated me with very light chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques that help signs and symptoms of cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular system failure. As a result I have no more numbness, pain and tingling in the mid- upper back and I can sleep better and function better all day. Also my Ascending aortic aneurysms decreased from 4.0 to 3.7 diameters. This is truly a miracle. I am very grateful to Dr. Sagman to have educated me at the same time to teach me how to manage my signs and symptoms at home.

From Tzvika Olam –> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation for not only your skill but also your compassion, your willingness to discuss/explain everything about Neoropathy. Your personal attention, kindness show by you and your staff, your knowledgeable, your warmth, your support and advice played a major role in my treatment. Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being.

From Sandra Pena –> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

This is an excellent place to receive the therapy that will not only relieve your pain and aches but you will continue to feel younger. All therapies are anti- aging oriented. because it’s not only about getting relief , its about becoming better.

From Chef T.  –> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

I love this place it has help me for 15 years Instead of being in a wheelchair Dr. SAGMAN also has help my autistic son Marcelo from walking on the floor with his hands like tarzan to walking and verbal and eye contact Doc is a miracle heaven sent u can see Marcelo pics on my Facebook Tabitha Compton and see how he is in taking pictures. Thank u doc ur a life saver and my back and all is so much better w the therapy I received threw out the years…

From Gavante S.–> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

I came in with pain , now Dr. Sagman is making me brand new again. Great experience, therapy at this establishment is wonderful.

From Dennis R.–> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

They never gave up on me and they were there for me . when no other clinic cared about my AUTO ACCident injuries to help heal them completely thats when Dr Sagman and staff did care to help my injuries completely resolve Thank You.

From Keeno .–> Click Here For More Patient Testimonials

Click Here For More Patient Testimonials