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top arterty :   No obstruction of blood flow….no atherosclerosis

middle artery:  partial obstruction of blood flow ..moderate atherosclerosis

bottom artery:  full obstruction of blood flow ….severe atherosclerosis

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The above illustration shows what can happen with excess glucose and  LDL/cholesterol in the blood stream and its effects on the Arterial vessels.

When a individual does not participate in regular exercise the muscular system becomes eventually depleted and muscle tone is lost.  The resulting effect is a lack of glucose and electrolyte nutrient supply to the nerves, muscles and bones.  Circulation to that body part is diminished and the associated skin will then deteriorate which may form an unhealthy appearance along with the possibility of diabetic ulcers.

High blood sugar, hyperglycemia or Diabetes can be controlled by understanding that in most cases hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia really comes from a loss of muscular tone in the musculoskeletal system.  Lack of muscles means there is no place for the sugar to  be stored.
Here’s how it works. First, simple sugars are converted to Glycogen, and stored only in small amounts in the liver.  The majority of Glycogen is stored in the musculoskeletal system. when the muscles get weak and lose muscular tone, there is Nowhere for glucose to go, so the blood then  receives excess sugar deposits which is called hyperglycemia. As a result the nerves and muscles receive less sugar into their cells.  Next,  Insulin, which is secreted by the pancreas acts as the taxi cab that brings the glucose into the cells.  However, in most cases of Diabetes, Chromiuim Picolinate supplements are effective in Re-Activating our own dormant Insulin. Chromiuim is a cofactor necessary for Insulin to be “alive”. The problem is chromiuim is missing from our diets and resulting in a wide population of people Sufferring from Inactive insulin levels.
These disturbances in glucose levels are called Diabetes.  In Type II Diabetes Mellitus, affecting mostly middle age to older age group, the body produces too much insulin causing Insulin reserves to become exhausted.  Type II Diabetes is primarily caused by bad eating and drinking habits, obesity, lack of exercise and overall poor quality lifestyle awareness. The over-production of insulin in time will cause  the pancreas to shut down. The majority of people have Type II diabetes.

Insulin dependent Type I Diabetes affects mostly the younger age group. In this case, the body does not make enough of the hormone Insulin, which is needed for most tissues to be able to access and use glucose for short term energy, or for long term energy. This energy is stored as glycogen. Glycogen is stored mostly in the muscle and less in the liver tissues.

The most important treatment to prevent or reverse the disease is to reduce excess body fat and rebuild the neuromuscular system.

Do not overfatigue the Muscular system , Perform short 20-30 min workouts , 3-4 times per week

You must rebuild the neuromuscular system….Go to the gym!  Learn about ‘Circuit Training’ which involves using light weights such as 5 to 10 pounds, and perform  5 sets of 10 to SLOWLY and CAREFULLY.
List of helpful tips which can aid control of blood sugar as well as weight loss:

  • Exercise with very light weight to include 5 sets of pullovers, 5 chest fly extension and 5 sets of hamstring curls. ( sets include 10 reps )
  • Eat light foods (Avoid heavy starchy, sugary, fatty foods)
  • Drink unsweetened cranberry juice or orange juice diluted in a 50% ratio with water
  • Natural supplements/vitamins ( See note below)
  • Drink soup and teas with a pinch/dash of cayenne red pepper which will taste just a bit spicy.  (Encourage you to do internet research regarding the vast health benefits of consuming Capsaicin/Cayenne pepper, which include the many testimonials about the  weight loss benefits.)


Of further note, 15 minutes of chest fly extension and chest pull over will influence the stomach and its gastric acid contents to shift and move below the diaphragm. This in turn will allow easier digestion of the Cayenne element into the intestines and prevent gastric and esophageal reflux.

Some supplements that aid in the absorption of glucose into the tissues are:

  • DHEA 75-50 mg a day (strengthens insulin function)
  • Chromium Picolinate 200-600 mgc daily (activates our dormant Insulin to active)
  • L-Carnitine 500-1000 mg 2x per day (enhances blood glucose and fat metabolism )
  • Vitamin E Gamma 200 mg daily ( natural blood thinner and artery dilator)
  • CoQ10 100-300mg daily ( enhance pancreas and glucose function)
  • Vitamin C 1-3 grams daily ( lowers blood glucose and strengthens capillaries)
  • Magnesium 500 mg daily ( strengthens insulin and glucose control)
A-Lipoic 205-500 mg daily ( enhances blood glucose and LDL metabolism )

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Figure A:   No obstruction of blood flow – Minimal presence of glucose/ sugars
Figure B:   Moderate obstruction of blood flow – Moderate presence of glucose/sugars
Atherosclerosis forming

Figure C:  Severe obstruction of blood flow – Large presence of glucose/sugars

Atherosclerosis forming