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Anti-Aging & Nutrition Suppliments

Miramar Nutrition Supplements

Anti-Aging Supplements

Available online here Miramar Medical Center is now offering a variety of high quality products from NutraMetrix, a line of Health Supplements that supports well-being and combats the effects of aging. The main ingredients involved are anti-oxidants, which function to prevent all body cells from breaking down therefore considered anti-aging effects. These high quality vitamins and high quality supplements are the products currently stocked at our office location in East Miramar. To see the many other NutraMetrix products available and to register your own account, order online today: NutraMetrix.com/DrSagman

Miramar Anti Aging Supplements

Insulin Nerve-Regeneration Cholesterol-Reducing Supplements

1. L-Lipoic Acid – insulin recovery, nerve regeneration
2. L-Carnitine – insulin recovery, nerve regeneration
3. Chromium Picnolate – insulin recovery
4. Gamma Vitamin E – insulin recovery
5. Co-Enzyme Q10 – nerve and heart recovery
6. Cholesterol Off – heart recovery

These products are available at our east Miramar location. Call today: 954-986-4006

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