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D.D.D. Degenerative Disk Disease
Is It A Temporary Or Permanent Medical Condition?

It’s really simple when we look at the real cause and effect of outside forces that can cause disks to degenerate or regenerate.

The answer is, bad posture to the physical human skeleton is the main cause of our disk problems.

If we know that bad posture can be corrected, then we can know that disk degeneration can also be corrected.

So how are we now going to regenerate those disks?

Degenerative Disk Disease Doctor Miramar Florida

Normal disks are pictured on the left and degenerative disks are pictured on the right.

Step 1  Assume good erect posture.  (no slouching).

Problems Occurring From Bad Posture

All those reminders from your mother to stand up straight were right.
Bad posture can cause a number of health problems, some of them serious. Some problems caused by bad posture may seem obvious. Other problems caused by bad posture may not seem to be related at first glance.  As it turns out, bad posture is much worse than just slumping.
Poor posture can lead to shoulder and neck problems. These problems can result in constricted blood vessels.  Constricted blood vessels in the head and neck are a major cause of headaches.

Back Pain
Bad posture can be caused by carrying uneven loads, such as a heavy purse that drags one side of the body down.  Cradling the phone between the ear and the shoulder can also result in bad posture.  These bad posture causes can lead to back pain, which ironically can lead to even worse posture to compensate for the pain.

Acid Reflux
Bad posture causes constriction of the inner organs.  This can lead to acid reflux (GERD).  Bad posture can also contribute to constipation and other problems with bodily functions.

High Blood Pressure
In 2007, researchers at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom found a direct neural connection between the neck muscles and the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS).  This part of the brain is critical in regulation heart rate and blood pressure.  Bad posture,  such as hunching over a computer screen, can put pressure on the neck muscles leading to high blood pressure.

Despite all the problems that can result from bad posture  there is one common misconception about bad posture.  It does not cause a “Dowager’s Hump,” or the exaggerated curve of the spine often seen in elderly women.  This condition is instead a result of osteoporosis, or bone loss.

Step 2  Drink essential fluids (preferably alkaline water)

Step 3  Eliminate harmful toxins entering the body. (no smoking, eating too many sugars, gargle with sea salt and warm water to prevent oral bacteria entering into the internal body.

The first three steps are designed to clean out this big fish tank of our body.

Step 4  Start performing *light weight circuit exercises and stretching, only extension type.

Chest Pull Overs

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Chest Decline & Middle Fly’s

Negative Hamstring Curls

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Leg Raises Lying Sideways with only backwards rotation.     

Exercises mentioned in Step 4 are like the icing on the cake. It is these exercises that will directly reinflate and regenerate the spinal column disks from cervical to lumbosacral.
For more information concerning these exercise regimens contact us and make an appointment today.

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