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Welcome to Our Miramar Chiropractic Rehab Center

We opened our doors in Miramar, Florida in 1996. Since then, we have been serving an increased number of patients in the South Florida region. Our office is located in the Miramar Towne Center Plaza and provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere for our patients. We are pleased to offer the latest chiropractic techniques and up-to-date physiotherapy equipment in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our friendly staff will treat you and your family as individuals and with respect. We are a family friendly office and are proud to be able to offer services for your entire family.

People come to us for all kinds of reasons. Do you have neck, back, or hip pain do you suffer from chronic headaches? Perhaps you have pain as a result of an accident or slip and fall injury? We are able to treat many types of chiropractic conditions and we welcome you to come in for an initial consultation if you would like to learn what we can do for you.

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7 Ways Cherry Juice Benefits Us

7 Ways Cherry Juice Benefits Us Cherry juice is not only refreshingly delicious, but it provides some solid health benefits, too. With about 120 calories per 1-cup serving, it’s rich in nutrients like potassium and iron. There are many different varieties of cherry... read more

Antiperspirant Safety: Should You Sweat It?

What to know about the rumors about antiperspirants. By Stephanie Watson WebMD Feature Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD Word travels fast on the Internet. As stories fly from inbox to inbox, they gain momentum and news sometimes blurs with fiction. A few years ago, an... read more

SpotOn Miramar You Card

The following offer is about to go out to our New Customers (i.e. the newest loyalty program members from all your locations) Offer: Refer a friend for a treatment & receive a free Biofreeze Customers have 30 days to redeem Be sure to let your employees know that... read more


DIABETIC NEUROPATHY PREVENTION & TREATMENT top arterty :   No obstruction of blood flow….no atherosclerosis middle artery:  partial obstruction of blood flow ..moderate atherosclerosis bottom artery:  full obstruction of blood flow ….severe... read more

D.D.D. Degenerative Disk Disease

D.D.D. Degenerative Disk Disease Is It A Temporary Or Permanent Medical Condition? It’s really simple when we look at the real cause and effect of outside forces that can cause disks to degenerate or regenerate. The answer is, bad posture to the physical human... read more

FREE Consultation & Neuropathy Guideline Booklet

Please call for a FREE consultation and mailed neuropathy guideline booklet If You Suffer From: • Numbness / Tingling • Burning• Loss Of Balance• Leg, Hand or Foot Pains• Plantar Fasciitis• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome• Red Swollen Feet• Poor Circulation• Hurts When You... read more

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1. Cranberry juice contains cranactin, and Grapes which contain pycnogenol, are the two fruits which have anti-biotic properties that function to boost the immune system and sterilize the Urinary System

2. Hot teas and soups help the body tissues heal faster and decrease body inflammations.

3. Caffeine free tea with lemon and / or honey with a pitch of  cayenne pepper can cure most infections of the cardio and respiratory systems.

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Miramar Chiropractor Rehab Center

Phone: 954 986 4006

6890 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33023



Miramar Chiropractor Rehab Center

6890 Miramar Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33023

Phone (954) 986 4006

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